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Why Google Review is Important for Local SEO - Rank #1 in Your Local Market

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Take control of your reputation

You know consumers are relying on reviews and the internet more than ever before to inform their purchasing decisions. Ratings can be the difference between you or your competition growing or closing the doors.

So what are you doing about it?

You can take complete control of your entire online reputation without doing much of anything different tomorrow than you are doing today…

What used to be a Burden is now an opportunity

You know you need reviews but getting your customers to review used to be like pulling teeth, painful…

Now it is easy for you to get real reviews
It is now easy and painless for you to ask for and your customers to leave real reviews.

Feedback & reviews from 40% of your customers

The Active Reputation Marketing System will automatically route each new review based on real-time reputation information to the review website where it will be most effective online.

Quickly respond to your customers’ concerns instantly

Ever worry about unhappy customers taking out their frustrations online? Worry no more! You will be alerted in real-time to important changes instantly allowing you to respond at the speed of business from within the alerts.

Take back control of your reputation and so much more…

Any negative feedback from unhappy customers gets internalized allowing them a way to vent their frustrations and giving you the opportunity to respond and react quickly to unhappy customers and identify employee issues.
Consistent reviews will make your business rank higher on search results, complimenting all of your other online efforts, and when you get found we make sure you are looking good!
That 92% of consumers who use online reviews to make purchase decisions have made up their mind who to buy from before they even call or stop by, we make sure they choose you.
Where should the reviews go? You don’t have to worry about managing your reputation anymore, our platform uses advanced algorithms and A.I. to decide where to send each review based on live data.
90% of your happy customers would leave you a review if it was easy… we turn them into one of your most powerful marketing tools. Their kind words are keywords, endorsements, recommendations, ranking, and brand-building TRUST.

Easily integrates with over 750 existing applications like Quickbooks, Salesforce, Mailchimp and more.

For example if you use QuickBooks (or any of the other 750+ applications) we can automatically ask for and get reviews from your customers every time you invoice them without adding anything to your business process!


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