K Madison Media

Digital Marketing for the Real Estate Professional

What do we do?

It's pretty simple. We help overwhelmed real estate professionals and businesses simplify their online and video marketing.

How, you ask? Let us show you!

At K Madison, we believe successful online comes in a 3-step process:

1. Creating Quality Content

Establishing your brand, your voice, and making your mark through content that reflects your business best.

2. Building Brand Authority

With the content to give you an established brand and clear voice, you won't be chasing deals, that next deal is on its way to you!

3. Getting You Ranked

Through brand authority, meaningful leads that make for great customer-company experience and a great SEO plan, you'll start making your way to Google search's page 1!

A Dedicated Team

The team, lead by real estate investor and educator, Paul Kim, work with a range of clients and are always looking to improve services through implementing  the latest methods, platforms, and a mindset geared toward client success. This team knows how to build an online presence for a real estate business from the ground up.

A Plan Catered to YOUR Needs

We understand that every professional and small business each has their own story to share to the world. We will always work with you to understand what your goals are and how to meet them best within your available resources. 

Content that Highlights You

Every business and professional has a journey that is unique! We believe that the best content for online marketing is content you feel highlights your business and career. We work with each client to train them in simple, fast and effective video marketing best practices so that you learn too!

A word from one of our clients, Chris:


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