About Us

We are on a big mission for small businesses.
Thing big online marketing for small businesses.

What We Do

In a nutshell, we take your aspiration to have an online presence and turn it into a reality.

Small businesses are often overwhelmed with the steps involved in building an online presence so we implement a step-by-step approach customized to each client’s needs. Our goal is to help you build a time and energy-efficient long-term strategy to achieve local online authority, and get you ranked on Google. Along with this plan, we also implement short-term strategies to get our client immediate results.

How We Do It

Our 5-Step approach aims to build
your business’ foundation and authority,

We work on building your online foundation and then by creating meaningful content from you and your business to share on major social media platforms. This content comes in a combination of photos, blog posts, website content and videos. This results in building your authority.

Why We Do It

“I saw a need for content and video marketing in order to stay relevant in the world of social media.”

As a business owner myself, I found that online marketing can be overwhelming with so many options.

Personally, I have spent tens of thousands of dollars and hours of my time trying out various platforms and services and it was certainly draining. However, testing and utilizing various online marketing services and tools combined with being a real estate professional has given me insight into what can work. That is why K Madison was founded. Through building the K Madison team, I learned that having support from knowledgeable people can help you narrow down the best platforms and strategy according to your needs.”

– Paul Kim

Our Team

The team, led by real estate investor and educator, Paul Kim, work with a range of clients and are always looking to improve services through implementing the latest methods, platforms, and a mindset geared toward client success.

Paul Kim

An experienced real estate investor, entrepreneur and educator, his extensive experience in multiple areas within New Jersey real estate makes Paul a seasoned professional in the industry. His success and interest in digital marketing is what prompted him to help other real estate professionals and businesses.

Becky Miranda

A NJIT industrial engineering graduate, she worked mostly in the manufacturing industry, focusing on making systems and procedures more efficient. She helped teams and projects “work smarter, not harder” gaining savings in time and cutting costs in the process. Her appreciation for creating solutions continues to drive her to pursue online marketing.

Sheryl Aguelo

With over eight years of experience in graphic design, Sheryl has handled design projects ranging from flyers to presentations, websites, video and even animation. From a young age, Sheryl has had a passion for art and has been integrating her passion in her work and served multiple clients as a virtual assistant since 2011.

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