The Journey Episode with NJ Local Home Buyers

journey vlogs Jul 17, 2019

The Journey Episode with NJ Local Home Buyers

In less than 2 years, our work with Benedict, an NJ-based real estate investor, has truly increased his online presence! Just search for ‘sell my house fast montclair NJ’ on Google and you’ll see NJ Local Homebuyer right away on the first page!

We’ll go over his website created using the Carrot platform, the progress of his YouTube videos, and his Google ranking status as we cover Benedict’s journey!

Recommended platform for real estate investors and agents:

This is the third episode in our “The Journey” series, come follow us for more small business online marketing tips & strategies!

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Check out NJ Local Homebuyer’s Website:


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The Journey Episode with Warren C Johnson

journey vlogs Jul 02, 2019

The Journey Episode with Warren C Johnson

In this video, I will go over a case study wherein we will follow the journey of Warren C. Johnson, a real estate agent.  I will document the process with the objective of increasing his online visibility/SEO.

 I will start by reviewing the current status of his online presence by going through his website and other social media accounts namely Youtube, Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  We already migrated his website to Carrot, a platform optimized for real estate and lead generation. This is the first of a series, so please go watch on.

Check out Warren C. Johnson’s Website:

Real Estate Agent Platform
Agent Carrot:


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