We are an online marketing company focused on digital solutions. We help businesses create their online presence and expand their media footprint. We use industry-leading platforms and technology to get results.

Our Services Include

Website Design
& Setup

Video Editing
& Content Creation

Social Media Marketing
& Lead generation


We can help monetize your online presence and grow your business. The dedicated team behind K Madison offers personalized service with custom solutions appropriate for your business.



Agents & Investors
Carrot is a platform geared towards the Real Estate industry that caters both to Agents and Investors. We at K Madison offer two packages to service both segments - the Agent Pro Package and Investor Pro Package. For both packages, we will create your website and get it up & running. This includes boosting your website visibility on search engines using the latest SEO tools. From Carrot’s curated content we will schedule articles and create relevant images that are applicable to your segment. These will be featured under your blog keeping your website fresh and current. We offer these and much more in our content marketing services.


The platform that integrates your creative and business needs all in one roof. Whether you are offering products or services, we will create your website ready for launch. We will handle both front and backend setups so you can focus on what you do best. We will help you navigate one of Kajabi’s best features – Pipelines – to streamline your online presence from connecting with your community to showcasing/selling your product or service. We do this by creating your landing page, building opt-in features, generating contact lists, email marketing to take your business all the way to point of sale/e-commerce.

Monthly Services

Content Marketing

Brand Recognition
Your brand is your business, and it is our business to make sure your brand makes the best impression.  With the raw videos you provide us we can edit, include music & graphics, create thumbnails and upload to your YouTube channel. In your YouTube channel, we can optimize the settings of the video to make it searchable. From the same video, we can create micro content / snippets to share different parts of the content to extend your messaging. We post the finished video to your Social Media to widen your exposure. We can also create Facebook Ads to generate more views and/or followers.

Social Media Marketing

Generate Leads
Your business needs to find its intended market and keep those already in your network stay interested. We will create a marketing campaign using Facebooks Ads to reach your target audience to help build your community and generate leads. When you have audience engagement, we can fine-tune these ads to direct their response back to your website to showcase your product or service. For a more focused marketing strategy, we can also retarget potential customers who have visited your website or are already in your contact database.

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